UPSSSC VDO Re Exam Best Books Vikas Adhikari Book 2023 (Study Material) | UP Gram

UPSSSC VDO Re Exam Best Books Vikas Adhikari Book 2023 (Study Material) | UP Gram
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The most crucial choice will be the books to prepare for the UPSSSC VDO Re Exam 2023. But candidates can search the sections below to find the best and most relevant literature for the role of VDO (Gram Vikas Adhikari).

Every subject that will be included in the UPSSSC VDO Re Exam should be fully covered within the books. Applicants could look at the UPSSSC VDO Re Exam Books, which contain the exam questions from the previous year.

Throughout the learning process, these will be of great help. The UPSSSC VDO Re Exam cut-off scores should be avoided, and students are encouraged only to select books that professionals or prior year qualifiers suggested.

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UPSSSC VDO Re Exam 2023 Preparation Strategy

  • Candidates must fully comprehend the exam’s format and develop a study schedule they will stick to daily.
  • This will enable applicants to cover all topics and place more emphasis on their areas of weakness.
  • Time is one of the most important aspects.
  • What amount of time you spend on each component will be evident from the in-depth analysis following the practice exams’ assessment of your learning.
  • Thus, it is beneficial to use a stopwatch or timer while studying.

UPSSSC Gram Vikas Adhikari Exam Book

It would be difficult for individuals studying for the UPSSSC VDO Re Exam to pass. To help you pass your UPSSSC VDO Re Exam quickly and get on the best-ranking list, we have offered various guidance and the most important UPSSSC VDO Re Exam study material here.

SubjectBook NameAuthor/ Publisher
Writing/ Hindi KnowledgeAditya Vastunisth Samanya Hindi

Samanya Hindi for Competition

NCERT Saar Sangrah
Pawan Kumar Tiwari

Manthan Prakashan

Pratiyogita Herald
General IntelligenceGeneral Aptitude Quantitative Aptitude & General Reasoning

Reasoning (Verbal)

Reasoning Verbal and Non- Verbal

D.K Singh (Hindi Medium)

V.K Gupta
General KnowledgeAdvanced Objective General Knowledge

Objective General Knowledge (Hindi Medium)

Arihant General Knowledge


Manohar Pandey

Best Books for VDO Exam 2023

  • Aditya Vastunisth Samanya Hindi by Pawan Kumar Tiwari

The Hindi language book “Aditya Vastunisth Samanya Hindi” addresses a variety of languages and literature, including grammar-related subjects.

The book’s primary target audience is students studying for competitive tests, including those for the UPSC, SSC, and other government-related job exams.

Hindi grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, and essay writing are among the topics covered in the book. “Aditya Vastunisth Samanya Hindi” is a helpful tool for students who want to advance their Hindi language proficiency and get ready for competitive tests.

  • Samanya Hindi for Competition by Manthan Prakashan

Manthan Prakashan’s “Samanya Hindi for Competition” is a book which aims to assist Hindi-speaking students in getting ready for various competitive exams which require proficiency in Hindi grammar and language.

The book’s goal, which covers various themes, including grammar, comprehension, vocabulary, and essays, is to assist students in developing their language proficiency and doing well on competitive exams.

Multiple choice questions, fill-in-the-blanks, and other exercises are included to assess and enhance students’ comprehension of Hindi.

  • NCERT Saar Sangrah by Pratiyogita Herald

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) has a book series called NCERT Saar Sangrah that offers succinct summaries of NCERT textbooks for many disciplines.

The series seeks to make exam topic revision easy and efficient for students. Publisher Pratiyogita Herald is an expert in producing educational materials and materials for competitive exams, including books, periodicals, and online courses.

For students studying for different competitive exams, including Banking, along with Railways, UPSC, and SSC, they have developed a version of NCERT Saar Sangrah.

  • General Aptitude Quantitative Aptitude & General Reasoning by GKP

General Ability, The goal of GKP’s book Quantitative Aptitude & General Reasoning is to aid readers in developing their aptitude and reasoning abilities.

Number systems, percentages, profit and loss, time and effort, riddles, and coding-decoding are just a few of the many themes covered in the book that are relevant to mathematical ability and general reasoning.

Anyone practising for competitive exams incorporating aptitude and reasoning as a sizable part of the syllabus should find “General Aptitude Quantitative Aptitude & General Reasoning” by GKP as a helpful resource.

  • Reasoning (Verbal) by D.K Singh (Hindi Medium)

The Hindi-language text “Reasoning (Verbal)” by D.K. Singh attempts to aid students in honing their verbal reasoning abilities. Syllogisms, analogies, classifications, and logical deduction are only a few of the subjects covered in the book.

  • Reasoning Verbal and Non- Verbal by V.K Gupta

The comprehensive book “Reasoning Verbal and Non-Verbal” by V.K. Gupta covers all the types of reasoning needed for competitive tests, including those for banking, the SSC, the railroads, and other government job exams.

Additionally, it has past years’ questions from various competitive tests, which might help candidates understand the kinds of questions asked in these exams.

  • Advanced Objective General Knowledge by S.Chand

S. Chand’s book “Advanced Objective General Knowledge” offers an in-depth approach to various general knowledge subjects, including history, geography, politics, science and technology, and current events.

The book assists students in developing their knowledge and comprehension of many disciplines as they prepare for competitive tests, including those for the civil service, banking, and railway.

  • Objective General Knowledge (Hindi Medium) by Lucent

Especially in India, “Objective General Knowledge” by Lucent, published in both Hindi and English, is a well-liked book for people preparing for competitive exams.

The book is called “Samanya Gyan Darpan” in Hindi. Coaching facilities and subject-matter experts in competitive exam preparation frequently suggest the book.

  • Arihant General Knowledge by Manohar Pandey

Manohar Pandey’s comprehensive book Arihant General Knowledge includes information on various general knowledge subjects, including history, geography, politics, science and technology, current events, and more.

It is intended to give readers a thorough grasp of their surroundings and aid in their preparation for various competitive tests, including those given by the UPSC, SSC, and other state-level examinations.


It’s critical to pick study materials that cover all of the key concepts and subjects on the UPSSSC VDO Re Exam syllabus. Lucent’s General Knowledge, Arihant’s General Studies, and the UPSSSC VDO Exam Guide by Arihant are a few of the well-liked publications for this exam.

In addition to books, several internet tools can be used to help with exam preparation, including practice exams, question banks from prior years, and study guides. To get a strong result in the exam, it is crucial to practice and review the material consistently.

The UPSSSC VDO Re Exam is a difficult exam for which careful preparation is necessary. Candidates should pick the appropriate study tools and resources to ensure a strong exam result. Regular practice and revision are also necessary to do well on this exam.

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