Best Books For Delhi Police Constable Exam 2023

Best Books For Delhi Police Constable Exam 2023
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Do you need books for the Delhi Police Constable Exam? The Best Books for the Delhi Police Constable Exam were back with an additional educational piece from us.

The Best Reference Books for Delhi Police Constable Exam Preparation are a requirement if you wish to ace the exam. As a result, using quality study guides and reference books will render getting ready for exams much simpler.

Best Books For Preparing For the Delhi Police Constable Exam

Undoubtedly, you are required to have effective exam preparation if you want to do well on these sections of the test. The most important step is to find the greatest study materials, as these will increase your probability of passing the test.

We have books for Delhi Police Constables to emphasize this fact. To make navigating simple, we have divided the article into sections.

Subject Specific Delhi Police Constable Books

The Best Books for Delhi Police Constable Exam Preparation must first be arranged in accordance with your schedule for studying. Candidates should, for example, be well-aware of the subjects they should study first and the ones they have previously mastered.

In order to arrange and make a list of the items you need to include in your preparation for the Delhi Police Constable Exam, refer to the list below. It will offer you all the extra information you need.

Best Books For Delhi Police ConstableReasoning

A New Approach to Reasoning Verbal & Non-Verbal (English) 1st EditionBS Sijwali & Indu Sijwali
Reasoning Hindi & EnglishLucent
Verbal and Non-Verbal ReasoningRS Aggarwal
Logical & Analytical Reasoning (English) 1st EditionAK Gupta

A New Approach to Reasoning Verbal & Non-Verbal (English) 1st Edition – BS Sijwali & Indu Sijwali

A thorough book that presents a novel viewpoint on reasoning abilities, both verbal and non-verbal, within the English language is “A New Approach to Reasoning Verbal & Non-Verbal (English) 1st Edition” by BS Sijwali and Indu Sijwali. The book’s first edition offers a methodical process for enhancing logical problem-solving and reasoning skills.

The book’s writers, BS Sijwali and Indu Sijwali, created it with the intention of giving students and those preparing for competitive exams a strong foundation in reasoning.

Analogy, classification, coding-decoding, series, blood relationships, directions, seating setups, riddles, and other subjects are all covered in the book.

Lucent Reasoning

Lucent Reasoning is a cognitive capacity that includes analytical, problem-solving, and logical reasoning abilities. It requires the ability to evaluate data, identify relationships between ideas, make deductions, and come to decisions supported by facts along with logical reasoning.

People that have lucent reasoning are able to efficiently divide complex issues into smaller, more manageable chunks and spot patterns or connections within them.

Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning by RS Aggarwal

A well-known author noted for his thorough writings on reasoning is RS Aggarwal. His book “Verbal as well as Non-Verbal Reasoning” is one of note. Using a mix of verbal and nonverbal exercises, this book aims to improve reasoning abilities.

It includes a range of subjects, including analogies, series, coding-decoding, blood relations, classification, as well as more, with an emphasis on logical thinking and problem-solving.

The book offers a ton of practice questions and in-depth explanations to aid readers in building solid reasoning skills.

Logical & Analytical Reasoning (English) 1st Edition by AK Gupta

A comprehensive manual for improving logical and analytical thinking skills is “Logical & Analytical Reasoning” by AK Gupta. The book, now in its first edition, provides a plethora of informative material in English for those looking to get a solid foundation in these fundamental subjects.

Syllogisms, analogies, blood relationships, deductive and inductive reasoning, syllogisms, and other topics are all covered in a systematic manner by the author.

Best Books For Delhi Police Constables – Numerical Ability

Quicker MathematicsM Tyra
Arithmetic for General CompetitionNeetu Singh
Quantitative AptitudeRS Agarwal

Quicker Mathematics by M Tyra

M. Tyra’s well-known book “Quicker Mathematics” attempts to give readers useful methods and approaches for rapidly and effectively resolving mathematical issues.

Basic arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and data interpretation are only a few of the many subjects covered in the book.

It provides a number of ways for mental calculations, shortcuts, and tricks that make it easier for people to do difficult computations.

Arithmetic for General Competition by Neetu Singh

Neetu Singh’s comprehensive book “Arithmetic for General Competition” aims to give readers studying for various competitive exams a strong foundation in arithmetic.

The book is made with applicants taking entrance examinations, bank exams, government employment tests, and other general competitions in mind.

This book is a priceless tool for competitive test preparation since Neetu Singh carefully assembled and arranged a broad variety of mathematical concepts.

Quantitative Aptitude by RS Agarwal

A well-known book that meets the demands of students studying for numerous competitive exams is “Quantitative Aptitude” by RS Aggarwal. This thorough manual presents a variety of mathematical aptitude subjects in an organized and understandable way.

The book helps students improve their numerical ability and problem-solving abilities including more than a thousand practice questions and examples with solutions.

Best Books For Delhi Police Constables – Computer Knowledge

Utilize YouTube tutorials and firsthand knowledge to acquire the material for the computer knowledge section. It’s not a subject you learn by reading books on.Youtube

Use YouTube tutorials and firsthand knowledge to acquire the material for the computer knowledge section. It’s not a subject you learn by reading books on.

Best Books For Delhi Police Constables – General Knowledge

General KnowledgeLucent
General KnowledgeArihant

General Knowledge by Lucent

The General Knowledge book by Lucent is a thorough compendium of vital data from numerous sectors. It is a helpful tool for exam preparation and knowledge expansion due to its thorough coverage and clear presentation.

This book discusses subjects including geography, history, Indian politics, economics, science, as well as technology. It offers up-to-date news on current affairs, including significant international events and developments.

Manorma Yearbook

An annual magazine called Manorama Yearbook offers thorough information on many facets of the world. It discusses a wide range of subjects, such as current events, sports, politics, science, and technology.

The Manorama Yearbook is an invaluable tool for professionals, academics, and general knowledge lovers because of its comprehensive coverage and in-depth research.

It is a crucial reference book since it compiles information from all across the world, including facts, numbers, including statistical data.

General Knowledge by Arihant

“Arihant General Knowledge” is a thorough book that concisely discusses a wide range of topics. It is a helpful tool for anyone who want to increase their general knowledge.

Content on a variety of topics, including history, geography, science, current events, and more, can be found in the book. It offers facts, figures, and crucial information in an approachable way thanks to its simple language and well-organized format.

Arihant General Knowledge is a popular choice for competitive examinations, interviews, and general reference because of its reputation for providing in-depth treatment of a wide range of subjects.

FAQs on Best Books For Delhi Police Constable 2023

Is becoming a Delhi Police Constable a good job?

One of the most sought-after Central government occupations is being a Delhi Police Constable because of the salary benefits and privileges in addition to the Basic Pay.

How should I prepare for the Delhi Police Constable exam?

Classification, Analogy, Problem on Age Calculation, Number Series, Coding-Decoding, Word Formation, Letter Series, Arithmetical Reasoning, Statement & Assumption, Alphabet Series, etc are all important reasoning topics in the Delhi Police Constable Exam.

Is the Delhi Police Constable exam simple to pass?

To review what you have learned, use practice exams, last year’s papers, and test series. How challenging is the KSP Constable examination? The KSP Constable exam is not particularly challenging.

What are the requirements for becoming a Delhi Police Constable?

The general category’s anticipated cut-off score for the 2023 Delhi Police Constable position is between 70 and 75 out of 100. Furthermore, the OBC category’s projected cut-off score ranges from 65 to 70 out of a possible 100. Around 55 to 60 out of a possible 100 are the anticipated cut-off scores under the SC and ST classifications.

Which math textbook is useful for a top constable in the Delhi Police?

Basic Quantitative Aptitude: All of the important mathematical subjects are covered in this book. Basic mathematics problems typically reach the 8th class of CBSC in the Delhi Police Exam. The top books for Delhi police Head Constables are mentioned.

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