Top YouTube Channel for SSC Exam Preparation in 2023

Top YouTube Channel for SSC Exam Preparation in 2023
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Top YouTube Channel for SSC Exam: SSC (Staff selection commission) offers 11 examinations. The most well-known among them are SSC CGL and SSC CHSL and SSC MTS. Candidates for both of these examinations must have a high degree of conceptual understanding and adhere to an SSC Exam preparation strategy to succeed. 

But it is not as simple as some people think. You have to do rigorous hard work have to do coaching and sometimes have to shift to another state to do preparations all these things will need lots of money and everyone can’t afford this.

At this stage, Youtube channels come into play. Youtube has become the biggest source of free study material and free video lectures. Aspirants can prepare with the SSC Youtube channels from their homes without giving room rent and coaching fees.

In this post, we discussed a few YouTube channels that you may find useful and goal-oriented for preparing for the SSC Examination. These channels offer a particular level of useful relevancy, content quality, presentation style, and SSC study material.

They are not presented in this list according to any specific ranking. Here are some of the well-known channels.

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Unacademy Indradhanush – SSC Preparation

Unacademy is a learning website that provides unlimited access to lectures in video format on a variety of exams as well as information for important competitive tests. It encourages self-learning and enables aspirants to better study for their competitive examinations.

Unacademy offers coaching for almost all entrance examinations and competitive exams like SSC, banking, etc. Its Dedicated Unacademy Indradhanush – SSC Preparation channels upload full lectures on every section which comes under the SSC exam syllabus.

This channel uploads video lectures of almost all the well-known teachers like Aman Vashishta, Abhinay Sharma, etc.

With more than 150k regular visitors that rely on the channel for their preparation, Unacademy is currently one of the largest live learning platforms. They have become the fastest-growing learning platform and a huge hit in the school sector because of their cutting-edge teaching strategies.

A network of more than 5,000 registered educators teaches on The Unacademy and its various Youtube platforms. Live Courses and recorded video lectures are both available for free on their Youtube channels.

Abhinay Maths

Abhinay Maths is a Youtube channel created by a famous teacher of the SSC exam preparations Abhinay Sharma. Abhinay Sharma is one of the very few teachers on YouTube who started teaching for the ssc exam free on YouTube.

Before teaching for SSC he was also an SSC-selected Aspirant many times for top posts like AAO (assistant Audit officer).

Abhinay maths channel on you has more than 2.2 million subscribers and even now he is running Quants 2.0 fully free maths batch for SSC aspirants. His math teaching is well regarded, giving him a popular choice for learners looking to advance their mathematical abilities.

Several students have benefited from his support by succeeding in their math studies because of his major presence on Unacademy and his own YouTube channel, “Abhinay Maths.”

When he first released, his book “Play with Advanced Mathematics,” it did not earn much praise. Now, nevertheless, it has emerged as one of the most well-liked publications for the SSC CGL, CHSL, MTS, and other examinations.

This book has been credited for helping many learners succeed in the SSC test. The book’s author, Abhinay Sharma, discusses all complex math ideas as well as the techniques and approaches he utilized to master them.

E1 Coaching Center

Another famous and free Youtube channel for ssc preparation is the e1 coaching center. The E1 coaching center channel is created by Bhautesh sir. He is well-known for teaching the quants section of SSC examinations in a very easy method.

In 2017 he delivers all the free chapters on his Youtube channels. His Youtube channel has more than 1.2M subscribers and he regularly posts lectures on Youtube. Recently he expanded his team and inducted teachers of reasoning, Computer, General knowledge, and English also.

E1 coaching is an amazing platform for candidates who are serious about SSC exams. The content is clear and precise at a very affordable price. It will not waste the time of students.

students can sign up for courses—math, reasoning, and computer and English—and students are totally happy with the caliber of the material and the instructional approach. According to many students, They had been searching for such teachers for a while and they said that they wish they had discovered them sooner.

Their score increased significantly after watching only Youtube videos and using the recommended method.

Rakesh Yadav Readers Publications

If you are talking about SSC exams your discussion could not end without talking about Rakesh Yadav sir. He is one of the top maths teachers at SSC.

His maths notes and classes are followed by almost every SSC aspirant. He started his Youtube channel with the name Rakesh Yadav readers publication.

On his channel, he started with the free classes in the maths section and completed the whole chapter on percentages, number systems, Compound interest, etc. Currently, he is also running the Careerwill platform and giving free classes on the Number system.

He also launched his book Rakesh Yadav 7300+ which is a favorite maths book for ssc students. The unique thing about this book is it has unique solutions which are different from conventional solutions. Not only questions solutions the book also comes with a barcode feature by using that you can watch video solutions to every question.

Not he expanded his team and not only maths but aspirants can learn every subject with top teachers of SSC.

English by Aman Vashist Sir

If you are struggling in the English language and want to prepare for SSC exams then it is a very tough task to crack SSC. Now here comes the Aman Vashist sir.

He teaches grammar and English subjects for ssc in a very unique way. Aman Vashist sir cracked SSC CGL 3 times and he has experience in teaching for more than 10 years.

First, he started his Youtube channel and taught the whole English section of the SSC exam free on his Youtube channel – English by Aman Vashist sir.

Later he joined Rakesh Yadav sir’s coaching and become very famous for his unique way to teach grammar section later he joined Unacademy and taught very effectively there also.

SSC Exam by Exampur

With over 7 lakh followers, SSC Exam by Exampur is another well-liked and extremely helpful YouTube channel for SSC test preparation. Former employees of the “Wifi Studies” YouTube channel started the channel. Defense, Teaching, Banking, Law, CAT, and UGC are just a few of the center and state exams covered by Exampur, a reputable YouTube channel with 25+ individual channels.

Current Affairs, Reasoning, Math, English, General Knowledge, General Science, General Studies, History, and Hindi are just a few of the subjects they regularly upload 20+ videos of on their YouTube channel. The professors even hold live question-and-answer sessions to address the issues that candidates face. For SSC hopefuls, the channel provides a variety of videos, tutorials, MCQs, quizzes, and crash courses that cover a variety of subjects and topics.

Maths By Gagan Pratap

Maths By Gagan Pratap is a very famous maths teacher who teaches maths section on the Careerwill platform and his YouTube platform for free. He uploads many chapters and practice videos on Youtube for free.

Gagan Pratap came into Limelight with his channel My Pathshala where he is teaching maths in a very unique way. Now he is among the top maths teachers for SSC preparation. He has also written many books for SSC students.

Currently, he launched his ssc maths formula book which covered all the formulae of the maths section.

RBE – Revolution by Education

RBE channel with more than 7 lakh subscribers is the most useful channel for SSC aspirants. It is run by Shubham Jain a former student of SSC CGL who was selected for the post of Excise Inspector.

He started his channel in 2017 and gave his full algebra video of more than 17 hours on Youtube. As soon as aspirants watched his videos, he become famous because of his method of teaching.

Later he joined Unacademy and gave his free lecture on that platform and ranked top maths teacher on Unacademy. After resigning from Unacademy he expanded his team on his channel and now with maths you can learn English, general knowledge, and reasoning on his channel.

Its channel is also famous for rapid fast updates about SSC exam notifications. If the commission issues any notice or update you can get the latest and most accurate update on the RBE channel. His post-exam analysis is very accurate you can rely on his analysis and cut-off predictions for your exam preparation.

Now he uploaded regular video lectures on maths subjects with the latest SSC exam questions and concepts.

Adda 247 SSC

All SSC CGL candidates may trust SSC Adda as a YouTube channel. The top SSC examination preparation channel in India is SSC Adda, which has over 950K followers on YouTube. Adda 247 ssc youtube channel is known for delivering the best approach to teaching.

Math and reasoning are both extremely easily explained by the teachers. Students find it extremely simple to comprehend everything that educators teach. Also, they provide solutions to all issues and clear explanations of their positions.

The technique of instruction is excellent. Through teachers, students can get a lot of concepts and expertise. Students have learned a lot from the Adda 247 youtube channel. The finest teaching approach also allows for detailed explanations of every concept.

Rankers Gurukul

Ranker’s Gurukul new channel and fastest-growing youtube channel for ssc preparation. This channel is started by Vikramjeet sir who is among the top teachers of Reasoning in the SSC field. He is teaching Reasoning to ssc students for the last 12 years and delivers concepts in a very easy and effective way.

Later the Rankers Gurukul team expanded itself and it was joined by Aditya Ranjan sir who is now a very famous maths teacher. His popularity is growing exponentially among ssc students because he clears the difficult concept in a very easy way and delivers free lectures on youtube which is very useful for ssc exams.

He also delivers free pdfs and launched his formula book – bramhastra which is very famous among SSC aspirants. Now aspirants can learn every subject on the rankers gurukul platform whether it is English, maths, reasoning, or GS.

English by Neetu Singh

If you don’t know Neetu singh ma’am then you are not a true SSC aspirant. Yes, you have heard right. Neetu singh is the oldest and most famous English teacher of SSC preparations. Her book Plinth to Paramount is followed by every ssc aspirant.

She started teaching English for ssc exams 20 years ago with offline coaching paramount and later after some issues she left paramount and started the KD campus coaching center which also became a hit among students. she is the first choice is anyone who wants to learn English. Her grammar approach is a sure shot of success for ssc students.

Now she also created her youtube channel English by Neetu Mam which has more than 3.5 lakh subscriptions on youtube.


Here we are now. We have suggested the most updated SSC preparation channels. If you are thinking to prepare for ssc examinations then just by following these channels you can clear exams very effectively. You don’t have to go here or there.

I hope you will find this information relevant and helpful. Pick any channel and you can start your preparation. SSC 2023 exam notifications are out all the best prepare well!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 Which is the best youtube channel for SSC preparation?

Ans 1: it is difficult to answer but according to me RBE and rankers Gurukul is the best among others because they offer a complete package on youtube. You don’t have to go for other subjects on different channels.

Q.2: Which is the best maths teacher on youtube?

Ans 2: there are many teachers available on youtube but one teacher who started free coaching on youtube is Abhinay Sharma. He is currently running Quants 2.0 free batch on a youtube channel.

Q.3: Can a student clear ssc by just studying on a youtube channel?

Ans 3: of course, nowadays youtube is the biggest content platform for ssc aspirants from strategy to video lectures to analysis you can find everything. Even toppers are available on you tube who guides you for ssc exams.

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