Best CDS Books For CDS Examination

Best CDS Books For CDS Examination
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Are you trying to find some of the top Best CDS books for the CDS 2 Test? Without the right literature, it isn’t easy to train enough, which reduces your chances of selection regardless of whether you are a novice or have already taken the exam a few times.

Less than 10,000 of the greater than 2 lakh students who submit a CDS application each year get to take the test.

So, to pass the exam, proper preparation is essential. We’ve compiled a list of some of the top books for CDS preparation for tests to make things easier for you. These books are divided into subject categories.

These books were chosen after considering feedback from numerous coaching facilities and students. The papers from the prior year are also included at the end.

Let’s start by being familiar with the CDS exam’s structure and content!

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About CDS Examination

Combined Defense Services is what they are called. The UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) annually holds this exam to select officers for commission.

Four significant academies recruit the candidates:

  • IMA (Indian Military Academy)
  • INA (Indian Naval Academy)
  • AFA (Indian Air Force Academy)
  • OTA (Officers Training Academy)

The Officers Training Academy (OTA) is the only institution that can accept these four girls.

Eligibility:- Only Indian citizens who are at least 19 years old and have completed their undergraduate degrees or are in their last year of study are eligible to apply for the exam.

Exam Pattern and Syllabus For CDS

The main subjects for applicants studying for the IMA, INA, and AFA were English, General Knowledge, and Elementary Mathematics. Students getting ready for the OTA must study only English and general knowledge.

Each exam lasts for two hours and contains 200 MCQ questions of all kinds. The combined score for IMA, INA, AFA, and OTA is 300; mathematics is not included.

The three sections of the curriculum are English, General Knowledge, and Elementary Mathematics.

The mathematics syllabus includes Mensuration, Trigonometry, Algebra, Arithmetic, Geometry & Statistics.

About 29% of GK questions are about current events, with the other topics covering history, geography, politics, science, economics, and the military.

The English curriculum includes grammar, writing, sequencing, and other topics.

CDS Books: Subject-wise Best Books for Exam

Since the material has previously been studied, it is important to look at a few of the top books for exam preparation. It’s important to note that the subject arranges a list of books before we start.

The suggested textbooks for each section are mentioned below, starting with English, then GK and mathematics. In conclusion, you may discover the solved papers from the previous ten years.

You may easily order any books on this list online from Amazon.

CDS English Language Books

Objective General EnglishArihant Publications
English Grammer and CompositionSC Gupta

Objective General English – Arihant Publications

The outstanding books offered by Arihant Publications for competitive examinations are well renowned. One of the most well-liked English books during the CDS exam is Objective General English, written by S.P. Bakshi.

It is promoted as a boost for test preparation for exams including the Bank, NDA, CDS, SSC, MBA, UPSC, and other exams. This book, according to the author, has been split into the following four sections:

You will master the fundamentals of grammar in the Foundation Module, including tenses, modals, nouns, pronouns, articles, and so forth.

Verbal Ability includes one-word substitutions, antonyms, and other similar concepts. Sentence Sequences & Objective Understanding. Punctuation, writing guidelines, narrative, and other aspects of practical grammar.

English Grammar & Composition by S.C. Gupta

The English Grammar & Composition, written by S.C. Gupta, is another outstanding title from Arihant Publications. It works well for people who wish to work through various issues before the test.

This book, broken into 69 chapters, contains solutions to difficulties on practically all English-language topics. This text comprises 10 000 sentences, 7000 answered questions, 7000-word problems, and more than 550 completed exercises.

This book claims that it will offer you a thorough understanding of the format of the exam’s questions and how to handle frequent problems that may come up.

CDS GK Books

General KnowledgeManohar Pandey
14000+ Objective GKArihant Publications

General Knowledge by Manohar Pandey

For the famous UPSC exams, Manohar Pandey’s general knowledge book is regarded as the top resource.

General knowledge is crucial for day-to-day living in addition to enlightening one about the world and offering accurate and thorough solutions.

You will have a better comprehension of key GK ideas after reading the book, which will also assist you in getting ready for competitive exams.

14000+ Objective GK by Arihant

Manohar Pandey also contributed to its writing, which Arihant Publishing Company published.

This book contains around 14000 general knowledge quizzes in all. Only exam-relevant questions have been presented to prevent unnecessary content.

This book has been diligently written to ensure that no crucial test questions are overlooked.

CDS Mathematics Book

Mathematics for CDS EntranceRS Agarwal
CDS PathfinderCDS Pathfinder

Mathematics For CDS Entrance by RS Agrawal

The mathematics book by RS Agrawal, published by Arihant Publications, offers a thorough introduction for novices.

It will aid in your exam preparation because of its diverse questions. Reviews indicate that it’s a top-notch book for CDS preparation.

This book includes all the fundamentals of mathematics and will sharpen your computation abilities while giving you access to many objective-style questions.

CDS Pathfinder

The most effective study guide for arithmetic, English, and general knowledge is Pathfinder by Arihant Publications. This book includes over 800 MCQs to assist you in reviewing and practising your curriculum.

Candidates should familiarize themselves with principles and fundamentals before beginning this book because doing so will help them benefit the most.

CDS Previous Year Papers

Wise/ CDS Chapter Solved PapersArihant Publication
UPSC CDS Solved PapersKiran

Section- Wise/ CDS Chapter Solved Papers by Arihant

You can select any book for the papers from the previous year because the material will not change. However, because Arihant is a reputable and renowned publisher, we should choose them.

The CDS curriculum is divided into four areas in this book, “Chapter-wise / Section-wise Solved Papers” by Arihant: basic mathematical concepts, English, science, and general studies.

You can find year-by-year solutions to each section’s difficulties. This method of problem-solving will assist you in revising your curriculum in a logical order.

Kiran UPSC CDS Solved Papers

This book is a good choice if you want to avoid approaching problems in a topical or chapter-based fashion.

This book, which Kiran Prakashan published, contains solved papers from the previous ten years. It is not more than a collection of documents.


The UPSC holds the Combined Defence Services (CDS) exam twice yearly to select commissioned officers.

The prerequisites for CDS applications include graduate degrees or passing final exams. Some of the best books for the CDS exam are included on this page for your convenience.

After considering thousands of student reviews and the rankings of numerous teaching facilities, we organized this list. We hope these books will enable you to pass the test and do well.

FAQs on Best CDS Books For CDS Examination

How many questions will you be asked on the CDS exam?

Although the INA, AFA, and IMA tests are separated into three stages, the OTA exam is organized into just two pieces.

Each portion of both exams carries 100 marks, and each question is worth one mark. In addition, there is a failing grade. Each erroneous response will result in a deduction of one-third of the total score.

Can NCERT also be used to prepare for the CDS?

NCERT books are useful whenever

You are mastering a subject because they help you comprehend it more effectively and help you make sense of your notions.

We cannot, however, assert that they are adequate for the test. To succeed on the CDS exam, you must possess great math and reasoning abilities. As a result, we’ve suggested a few useful books for preparing.

Is Manohar Pandey’s general knowledge up to date?

It is claimed that this book is a condensed account of all that happened in the years before. This book will offer you the finest return on your money, even though no book can include all the information you want.

Where can I find sample papers for the CDS?

Sample papers and question papers from past years are included in the books published by Arihant.

Does RS Agrawal cover every aspect of mathematics?

You can prepare for various exams using the many types of questions throughout this book. Many reviews recognized it as a helpful CDS preparation tool.

This book covers every mathematical idea, making it simpler to comprehend. As a result, it is adequate for this exam.

Are the books here adequate for what you need?

Preparing for CDS?

We must rely on something other than a single textbook or study guide because exam trends and difficulty levels are dependent on multiple sources as they alter and rise.

However, these publications will unquestionably assist you in passing the test. These books’ applicability to the NDA test is debatable.

Undoubtedly, these works will also assist you with the NDA test. However, be careful to review your course syllabus and choose only those books that will enable you to complete the course material.

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