Best AFCAT Books 2023, Recommended Books for AFCAT 1 and 2

Best AFCAT Books 2023
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Best AFCAT Books 2023: The best learning resources are crucial when preparing for the Air Force Common Admission Test. Finding the best books for each topic may be challenging with so many selections on the market. In response, we are here.

A collection of crucial AFCAT preparation materials for English, reasoning, general awareness, and military aptitude has been put together by our team of subject-matter experts.

You may be assured that you’ve got the tools needed for successful preparation for the various exam phases by consulting our list of recommended AFCAT books for 2023, which is organized by subject.

Learn a bit more about the top AFCAT preparation books by reading on.

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Best AFCAT Books For AFCAT Exam Preparation

Our list of the top AFCAT study guides has all the necessary information, a ton of sample questions, and advice to boost your confidence.

From extensive exam preparation resources to books on English language improvement, we have all you require. Below is a list of the top 10 study guides for the AFCAT test.

AFCAT By R.Gupta

This book acts as a thorough study guide for the AFCAT test for the Flying as well as Technical Branches within the Indian Air Force. It consists of test questions from prior years and exercises, including solved papers.

Objective General English Book By Dr.RS Agarwal

This book is a thorough reference on English grammar that can be used to prepare for the AFCAT exam’s English verbal ability section.

From Plinth to Paramount By KD Publication

Neetu Singh's "Plinth to Paramount

This book could be utilized for preparing candidates over the English verbal ability section of the AFCAT exam and to assist candidates improve their English language skills.

Manorama Yearbook By Malayala Manorama Group

This yearly book includes various subjects, such as current events, science, and technology. It helps get ready for the AFCAT exam’s general awareness portion.

General Knowledge Book By Lucent Publication

lucent gk english 2023

This book thoroughly references general understanding and helps prepare for the AFCAT exam’s general awareness portion.

Air Force Common Admission Test Workbook by Kiran Publication

This book is used as a thorough study guide for the AFCAT test and contains sample questions from past exams, practice sets, and solved papers.

AFCAT Ground Duty Branch and For Flying, Technical and  By Arihant Publishers

This book is meant to help candidates get ready for the AFCAT exam within the Technical, Flying, and Ground Duty Divisions of the Indian Air Force. It includes exercises, solved papers, and exam problems from previous years.

AFCAT- The First Step Book By Defence Direct Education

The objective of this book is to assist applicants in their AFCAT exam preparation. It comprises practice sets, solved problems, and test question papers from prior years.

Topic Wise AFCAT Solved Papers (2011-2019) By Disha Experts

This book includes topic-by-topic answers to AFCAT exam questions from 2011 to 2019. Candidates who wish to practice answering AFCAT questions strategically will find it helpful.

Air Force Common Admission Test By SSBCrack

This book is made to help you prepare for the AFCAT understandably and memorably and covers the most recent AFCAT-solved question papers.

Best AFCAT Books By Subject for the AFCAT Exam

The greatest AFCAT books, organized by subject, are listed below. Use these to improve your AFCAT exam preparation.

Each book has been created to assist you in understanding the material and acquiring the information and self-assurance required to perform well on the AFCAT exam.

You’ll be well on your road to success with our subject-specific publications!

AFCAT Numerical Ability Books

To assist candidates in enhancing their math skills while preparing for the AFCAT 2023 test, AFCAT Books for Numerical Ability offer exercises, and practice problems, including study material.

These books test applicants’ understanding of algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and arithmetic. Find out the top books that cover AFCAT’s section on numerical ability.

  • Disha Publication’s Quantitative Aptitude and Data Interpretation
  • S Chand’s Objective Arithmetic
  • Competitive Examinations: Quantitative Aptitude, RS Aggarwal/S.Chand Publishing

Military Aptitude Books and AFCAT Reasoning Books

For the AFCAT exam, applicants can sharpen their military aptitude and reasoning skills using AFCAT Books for Reasoning.

They provide applicants with exercises, sample problems, and study material to assist them in developing their critical, logical, and analytical thinking abilities.

Additionally, they help in understanding vocabulary and topics connected to the military.

  • McGraw Hill Education’s Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Exams
  • S.Chand’s Quantitative Aptitude

General Awareness Books for AFCAT

The general awareness books were created to help applicants prepare for the general awareness portion of the AFCAT.

During the general awareness portion of the exam, an applicant’s general knowledge is tested. The AFCAT General Awareness Books provide thorough explanations, practice exams, and other exercises to help candidates hone their knowledge and perform well on the examination.

The highest quality books for general awareness preparation regarding the AFCAT are presented beneath.

  • English Yearbook published by Malayala Manorama
  • By Neetu Singh, From Plinth to Paramount (KD Publication)
  • Lucent’s General Information

English Verbal Ability AFCAT Books

AFCAT verbal ability books aim to help candidates improve their verbal English language skills. With the English verbal ability section, an applicant’s grammar, vocabulary, understanding, and communication skills are assessed.

The AFCAT Books for English Verbal Ability contain exercises, example questions, and study materials to help candidates improve their reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension abilities. For the AFCAT exam, look at these books.

  • Objective General English by Dr RS. Aggarwal
  • Bhupendra Kumar Singh’s Verbal Reasoning

AFCAT Book PDF For Easy Learning

Complete study materials are essential to register for the AFCAT exam. The AFCAT Book PDF is a great resource for studying and exam preparation.

This comprehensive guide for the AFCAT exam, which includes general awareness, numerical ability, reasoning, English verbal ability, and military aptitude, is available in PDF format.

Advantages of Studying From the AFCAT Book PDF

You may use the AFCAT Book PDF any time and anywhere because it is a convenient resource.

  • In-depth explanations, real-world examples, and practice sets are all included in the PDF.
  • Learning from the AFCAT Book PDF instead of paying for classes could save you time and money.
  • The principles can be studied at your own pace, which helps you recall the information.

AFCAT EKT Books 2023

The AFCAT EKT Books 2023 aims to help applicants prepare for the AFCAT Engineering Knowledge Test (EKT). A specialized EKT test is used to gauge an applicant’s engineering knowledge.

The EKT includes the study of mechanical, electrical, electronic, and computer science. The best books for the AFCAT EKT exam contain thorough information, practice problems, and other activities to help applicants advance their comprehension of many subjects.

The AFCAT EKT Books’ main goal is to help applicants perform well on the AFCAT EKT section.

  • Electrical Engineering Handbook Series by Arihant Publications
  • General Engineering Objective by G. K. Publishers
  • Crack EKT by SSB Crack

What are the Best Books For the AFCAT Exam?

Books are the best resources for learning when it pertains to thorough examination preparation. Students who plan to prepare for the exam can use the advice that follows concerning the selection of the best books to get ready for the AFCAT exam.

  • Prior to picking the most recent version, applicants should look up the AFCAT books’ publication year.
  • Candidates should only choose books which are simple to read and comprehend.
  • Only AFCAT books that are written in plain and understandable English must be chosen by candidates.
  • Candidates should pick a book that makes it simple to grasp the basic idea.
  • The best-selling authors’ books should be purchased by applicants to increase their reading abilities.
  • Learners should pick books that include practice questions to understand the most recent exam patterns.


After reading this article, it should be clear that you are familiar with all of the subjects and that they are all equally important.

So, to improve your AFCAT exam preparation, get your hands on the suggested AFCAT books. This information on the AFCAT Books 2023 should have been informative and helpful.

Applicants who have an interest should know they must fulfil all eligibility requirements outlined by the Indian Air Force.

FAQs on Best AFCAT Books 2023

Which book is the best for preparing for the AFCAT?

To strengthen your preparation, consult two to three books. See the article to understand the list of books to reference that are categorized by subject.

Can I prepare for the AFCAT Exam 2023 by myself?

Candidates must really and rigorously self-study if they want to perform well on the exam.

Where can I find books for the AFCAT?

Books for the AFCAT can be found in bookstores, online retailers, including libraries. You can choose the books to purchase using the list of the best books published by industry professionals.

Is there a book that acts as a study guide for the AFCAT exam?

Yes, there are a lot of AFCAT exam preparation guides on the market from authors and publishers like Arihant and Disha.

How do I pick the best AFCAT preparation book?

Pick a book including practice questions, solved examples, and all the topics covered in the AFCAT syllabus. Before making a purchase, read reviews and ratings. To learn more about how to pick the correct book.

What topics are covered in the military aptitude and reasoning exams?

Nonverbal (Illustration), Questions include “Odd one out,” “Analogy,” “Venn diagram,” “Complete the pattern,” and others.

Can I prepare for the AFCAT Exam 2023 by myself?

To do well in the exam, candidates should self-study truly and diligently.

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