SSC CHSL Exam Pattern 2022 Changed, New Pattern for Tier 1 and 2 (Revised)

SSC CHSL Exam Pattern 2022 Changed, New Pattern for Tier 1 and 2
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SSC CHSL Exam Pattern 2023: The pattern for the SSC CHSL exam in 2022 has changed. On December 6, 2022, information about the SSC CHSL 2022 exam was posted to the official website. The new SSC CHSL exam pattern and candidate selection procedure have piqued the interest of potential applicants.

Find the updated SSC CHSL 2022 examination structure, scoring rubric, and selection procedure here. Read on to learn about the changes to the SSC CHSL exam, including the new format and scoring system.

To be eligible for consideration for various government positions, candidates must now pass both parts of the SSC CHSL 2022 exam pattern. It is possible for candidates to manage their study time more effectively with the SSC CHSL exam pattern. According to the announcement, the SSC CHSL Tier-I exam 2022 will take place in February or March 2023.

Candidates for the SSC CHSL exam would do well to prepare specifically for the first tier of the exam, the SSC CHSL Tier 1 exam. The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) normalises the scores obtained in Tier 1 and generates the results based on the normalised scores. To advance to the next round, candidates must achieve at least the minimum score required.

New Pattern of SSC CHSL Exam 2023

CHSL is offered in two phases by the Staff Selection Commission (SSC): Tier 1 and Tier 2. While Tier-1 of SSC CHSL is stored physically, Tier-2 is stored electronically. This article details the SSC CHSL examination process, so interested parties can learn more about what they can expect at each level. Learn about SSC CHSL examination levels and requirements here.

SSC CHSL New Exam Pattern 2022 Overview

The SSC has announced that there will be 4,500 open positions for SSC CHSL in 2022. This is a fantastic opportunity for those interested in working for the government. As you review the table below, please take note of the data that has been summarized.

The Organization’s NameCommission for Staff Selection
Exam by NameCombined Higher Secondary Level, CHSL, 10+2 2022
PostLDC, DEO, Junior Secretariat Assistant
Notification Released6th December 2022
Selection ProcessTier 1 (Objective) Tier 2 (Objective) plus a skill test (New Pattern)
CategoryExam Pattern

New Exam Format for SSC CHSL 2022

The revised SSC CHSL Exam Pattern 2022 calls for candidates to demonstrate competency in two distinct areas before being considered for positions in government agencies.

1. The SSC CHSL Tier I Exam begins with a section of multiple-choice questions.

2. The three parts of the Tier 2 exam, each of which consists of two modules, are as follows.

The table below summarises the CHSL exam format for the SSC (for each tier).

Tier – IMultiple-Choice ObjectiveUsing computers (online)
Tier – II           Objective Multiple Choice along with Typing and Skill TestTier-II consists of three sections, each with two computer-based modules (online)

Detailed Exam Pattern for Tier-1 of SSC CHSL 2022

The SSC CHSL Tier-I Online Examination, which is the first stage, only includes multiple-choice questions of the objective type.

The Tier 1 SSC CHSL 2022 exam consists of four sections, including general intelligence, general awareness, and quantitative aptitude.

There are a total of 100 questions (25 in each section), worth a total of 200 marks. The details specific to this subject are as follows: The SSC CHSL Tier-I Exam covers the following subjects:

  • Basic Information
  • Mathematical Skills
  • Understanding English

The following table provides an explanation of the General Reasoning Tier-1 schema:

   SubjectNo of QuestionsMax MarksExam Duration
Intelligence in general2550
General Knowledge2550
The ability to do basic arithmetic (quantitative aptitude)2550
English language (Basic Knowledge)2550
Total10020060 min 

A 0.5-point deduction is applied to each incorrect question.

SSC CHSL Syllabus 2023 for Tier I

Candidates must be familiar with the official syllabus PDF in order to pass the upcoming Tier I computer-based exam. Below is a list of the Tier I SSC CHSL syllabus.

Language of English

locate the error, Antonyms, fill-in-the-blanks, and the recognition of misspelt words Active and Passive Voice Verbs A passage’s sentences are switched around. The Cloze Passage, Direct or Indirect Narrative Transformation Idioms, slang, synonyms, and homophones sentence restructuring, word substitution, and sentence improvement The Understanding Passage

General Intelligence

Embedded Figures, Figural Series, Number Series Analogies between symbols and numbers, patterns, Venn diagrams, emotional intelligence in problem solving, Word Construction Classification using symbols and numbers, inference drawing Figural classification, semantic categorization, and metaphorical categorization Punched hole/pattern folding and unfolding, semantic series, figural pattern folding and completion, social intelligence, coding and decoding, mathematical operations, and so forth.

Mathematical Skills

Basic arithmetic operations include those used in statistical charts, algebra, geometry, mensuration, and trigonometry.

General Information

In particular, questions regarding India and its neighbours, including history, general policy, culture, geography, the state of the economy, and scientific research.

SSC CHSL Tier-II Exam Pattern (Revised)

The revised pattern for the SSC CHSL Tier-II exam

Below you will find more information about the SSC CHSL Tier 2 Exam Pattern:

Three sections, each with two modules, make up Tier-II:

Section 1: The test is divided into two modules: Module I on mathematical skills and Module II on reasoning and general intelligence.

Section 2: is divided into two modules, Module I for English Language and Comprehension and Module II for General Awareness.

Section 3: (the computer knowledge test) and Module II (the skill test/typing test) are the two modules that make up this section.

The two sessions for Tier-II, Session 1 and Session 2, will take place on the same day. Session I will consist of Sections 1, 2, and Module 1 of Section 3. During Session 2, Section 3’s Module 2 will be conducted.

Tier 2 will only have objective-type, multiple-choice questions, with the exception of Module 2 of Section 3. The questions will be presented in Hindi and English, with the exception of Module 2 (English Language and Comprehension Module) in Section 2.

Each incorrect response in Sections 1 and 2, as well as Module I of Section 3, will result in a one-point deduction.

Tier II Syllabus Mathematical Abilities SSC CHSL Exam Pattern 2022

Module I, Session I (Mathematical Abilities)

Number systems are covered as well as operations in arithmetic, algebra, geometry, mensuration, trigonometry, statistics, and probability.

Division II of Section I (Reasoning and General Intelligence)

Number Series, Embedded Figures, Figural Series, Space Orientation, Drawing Inferences, Figural Classification, Emotional Intelligence, Word Building, Social Intelligence Trends, Symbolic Operations, Venn Diagrams, Symbolic/Numerical Classification, Semantic Series, Figural Pattern-Folding and Completion, Number/Symbol Analogy Figural analogy and semantic classification Folding and unfolding of punched hole/patterns, analytical thinking, problem solving, encoding and decoding, mathematical operations, and so forth.

Chapter II, Module 1 (Reading Comprehension and English Language)

Grammar, sentence structure, synonyms, homophones, antonyms, spelling, idioms, one-word substitution, synonyms, antonyms, and proper usage; Vocabulary; Phrase Components Rearrange, Close a Passage, Rearrange a Sentence in a Passage, and Improve a Sentence Active and Passive Voice Verbs Find the error, Direct or indirect narration, fill-in-the-blank, and comprehension passage

Module II of Section II ( Awareness of General Issues )

the history, economy, culture, geography, general policy, and scientific research of India and its neighbours

Paper I, Section III, Module I (Computer Proficiency)

The basics of computers, software, using the internet and email, networking, and cyber security

FAQs for SSC CHSL Exam Pattern 2022

Are there variations in the SSC CHSL Exam Pattern 2022 for each tier?

SSC CHSL exam patterns for Tier 1 and Tier 2 differ in 2022. The following subjects for are listed in the SSC CHSL Exam Pattern 2022:

English language, general intelligence, general awareness, and quantitative aptitude are all included in Tier 1 of the SSC CHSL Exam Pattern 2022.

How many points will the SSC CHSL Tier 1 Exam be worth in 2023?

Tier I SSC CHSL Exam Pattern will be used to conduct the 200-mark written exam.

Does the SSC CHSL Tier I 2022–23 exam have any negative marking?

Yes, there will be a 0.50 point deduction for each incorrect response.

What requirements must potential employees fulfil in order to be hired by SSC CHSL in 2023?

The results of Tier 1, Tier 2, and the document verification process will determine which candidates are chosen for the SSC CHSL Recruitment Post.

Is there a change in the SSC CHSL exam format?

The structure of the SSC CHSL exam has changed to speed up the hiring process. The number of teachers was decreased by the commission. The following steps make up the SSC CHSL selection process, which is in accordance with the new exam format: Tier 1: An unbiased computer-based test (CBE) Tier 2 consists of skill and objective tests conducted on computers.

What language is the SSC CHSL exam paper written in?

There are English and Hindi translations on the exam paper.

Are there any consequences if you don’t pass the SSC CHSL exam?

The SSC CHSL Tier I exam allows negative marking up to 0.50 points. For each incorrect response in Sections I, II, and Module I of Section III, there will be a negative marking of one mark in Tier II. It is advised that candidates remember this as they respond to the questions.

What does SSC CHSL 2022, Tier II, Module I of Section III entail?

In SSC CHSL Tier II, Module I of Section III, there is a computer knowledge test that is both required and qualifying. On the other hand, Module II of Section III contains the skill test and typing test.

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