Best SSC CHSL Books List 2023: Tier 1 & Tier 2

Best SSC CHSL Books List 2023 Tier 1 & Tier 2
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Best SSC CHSL Books List 2023: The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) conducts the Combined Higher Secondary Level (CHSL) exam to choose candidates for jobs such as LDC, DEO, PA/SA in different government agencies.

The CHSL exam is popular among candidates seeking positions in the government. Books are a crucial part of any well-thought-out preparation strategy for candidates. This article will go over the best books for CHSL Tiers 1 and Tier 2 subject by subject.

For the Combined Higher Secondary Level, books for the SSC CHSL are crucial. The limited list of books for the exam must be chosen carefully by candidates, nevertheless, as success on the examination depends on selecting the best study materials.

This explains why selecting the ideal book for the SSC CHSL can be challenging for many applicants. We have put up a list of books for the benefit of the candidates who have applied for the upcoming exam.

Even though the best texts can vary from candidate to candidate, we have picked books that completely cover the course. Continue reading to learn more about the finest SSC CHSL study guides that experts and top students suggest.

SSC CHSL Books 2023

In order to prepare for the exam, candidates need to look for the best book for SSC CHSL. It’s crucial to use the appropriate study resources because the SSC CHSL exam is extremely tough.

In today’s world, there are a lot of books and internet resources available, but not all of them are trustworthy or helpful for passing tests. In order to help you prepare for the SSC CHSL, we’ve included a list of the best books for each of the four subjects: general knowledge, English, maths, and reasoning.

Candidates must select these SSC CHSL study guides as they provide the best concept clarity and comprehensive coverage of the subject. Students must include them in their study plan in order to maximise their efforts and perform well on the exam.

These SSC CHSL books can help aspirants clear up any confusion and doubts they may have. View the essential books for each subject that are mentioned in the categories below and can be used as a study guide.

SSC CHSL Books Tier I

The right study material must be used by candidates when the competition is fierce and the exam is drawing near in order to ace it. In order to study for the Tier 1 exam, applicants must get the best book for SSC CHSL.

This is where we come in: The best study materials for the Combined Higher Secondary Level test are listed below to help you pass it on your first attempt.

To save you time, we have provided a list of the best SSC CHSL books for the Tier 1 exam in the table below. You can prevent misunderstandings by using these SSC CHSL top books for preparation because there are so many books available.

SubjectsBest SSC CHSL Books
EnglishSP Bakshi’s Objective General
English with Norman Lewis’ Word Power Made Simple
General AwarenessLucent Publication
General Reasoning & IntelligenceLucent Reasoning, a publication by Arihant
Quantitative AptitudeR.S Aggarwal

SSC CHSL Books 2023 Tier 2

General Reasoning & Intelligence

The candidate’s capacity to resolve logical and analytical puzzles is examined in this section. Analogy, classification, coding-decoding, puzzles, blood relations, direction sense, and other concepts are covered.

By RS Aggarwal, “A Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning“: Students frequently use this book to prepare for reasoning tests. It includes practice questions and solved examples for every topic.

A Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning

MK Pandey’s Analytical Reasoning: For preparation in advanced reasoning, this book is advised. It contains an excellent selection of difficult problems and methods for solving them.

Analytical Reasoning

Reasoning and General Intelligence of Lucent: This book provides thorough coverage of all the important subjects. Additionally, it includes practice questions from prior years.

Verbal Reasoning Book in English

Quantitative Aptitude

 The candidate’s aptitude for maths and problem-solving is assessed in this portion. It covers subjects including the number system, simplification, percentage, ratio and proportion, profit and loss, and more.

RS Aggarwal’s book Quantitative Aptitude: For practice with numerical aptitude, many people use this book. It includes practice questions and solved examples for every topic.

RS Aggarwal's book Quantitative Aptitude

Rajesh Verma’s Fast Track Objective Arithmetic: For shortcuts and quick maths methods, this book is suggested. A sizable number of practice questions are also included.

Fast Track Objective Arithmetic

The Mathematics of Lucent: This book provides thorough coverage of all the important subjects. Additionally, it includes practice test questions from prior years.

Complete Mathematics

General Awareness

The candidate’s knowledge of current events, history, geography, politics, economics, etc. is tested in this section.

General Knowledge of Lucent: This book is well-liked for preparing for general awareness exams. It succinctly covers all the important subjects. Additionally, it includes practice questions from prior years.

lucent gk 2023

Manorama Yearbook: For preparing for current affairs, this book is advised. It includes a nice selection of information about occasions, sports, honours, and trivia.

Pratiyogita Darpan: It is advised to prepare for current events by reading this monthly publication. It contains a nice selection of practice questions and covers all the noteworthy events that occurred during the month.

English Language

The candidate’s proficiency in English grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension is tested in this portion.

SP Bakshi’s Objective General English: This is a well-liked book for learning English. It includes practice questions and solved examples for every topic.

Norman Lewis’ book Word Power Made Simple: For improving your vocabulary, pick up this book. It has a good selection of words with descriptions of their uses.

Plinth to Paramount: by Neetu Singh: This book provides thorough coverage of all the important subjects. Additionally, it includes practice questions from prior years.

Neetu Singh's "Plinth to Paramount

Best Book For SSC CHSL Tier 2

Tier 2 is split into two sessions by the new paper pattern. The first session will be used to conduct Sections I, II, and Module I of Section III, the computer knowledge module. Session II will include a skill exam and a typing test in place of the interview for the posts of DEOs, LDCs, and JSAs.

The majority of the objective-type questions in the first session’s modules are of the five topics represented by English, numeric aptitude, reasoning, general awareness, and computer.

Therefore, if candidates wish to succeed in this round, they must buy the best SSC CHSL books to aid in their exam preparation. Below are a few books that topic experts and toppers advise reading to prepare for Tier 2.

SSC CHSL BooklistBook Publications
EnglishKD Publication
General KnowledgeLucent’s Publications
General Reasoning & IntelligenceArihant Experts
Awareness of computers in general  Arihant Experts

Tips for SSC CHSL Exam Preparation:

Let’s talk about some advice for CHSL preparation before we go into the top books for Tier 1 and Tier 2 of the CHSL, subject by subject.

Identify the Exam Pattern: Understanding the exam structure is the first step towards successful SSC CHSL exam preparation. In Tier 1 of the exam, there are multiple-choice questions, and in Tier 2, there are descriptive questions. You can arrange a time for each segment appropriately and design your study programme with the aid of an understanding of the exam format.

Understand the syllabus: Understanding the things you need to study for the exam and the SSC CHSL syllabus are both crucial. General Intelligence, English Language, Quantitative Aptitude, and General Awareness are all covered in the Tier 1 syllabus. Essay and letter writing in Hindi or English are the main topics of Tier 2.

Make a study schedule: Make a study plan that works with your schedule once you are familiar with the exam format and syllabus. Give each segment time to finish, and make sure to cover all the material. Make time for frequent revision and practice exams as well.

Exercise Mock Exams: A crucial aspect of preparing for the SSC CHSL exam is taking practice exams. You will gain a better understanding of the exam format and a sense of the kinds of questions that will be asked. You can find your skills and shortcomings and work on them accordingly by regularly practising mock tests.

Keep up with current events: Current affairs-related questions are part of the SSC CHSL exam’s General Awareness component, which is a significant portion of the test. By reading newspapers, watching news channels, and visiting current affairs websites, make sure to keep up with current events.

Importance of Knowing SSC CHSL Books

Success depends on having knowledge of the top books for SSC CHSL exam preparation. The correct books will aid in your comprehension of the ideas and subjects covered in the test, offer practice questions, and direct you while you study. Here are a few justifications for why it’s crucial to understand SSC CHSL books.

Organising Your Preparation: SSC CHSL books offer a methodical approach to studying for exams. The books cover every subject and idea covered on the test, making it easier for you to organise your study time and devote enough time to each segment.

Practice Material: The SSC CHSL books offer plenty of practice chances. Sample questions, practice exams and previous year’s question papers are all included in the books; using them will allow you to assess your strengths and shortcomings and take the necessary action.

Concept Clarity: SSC CHSL books offer a thorough comprehension of the ideas and subjects covered on the test. You will better comprehend the concepts and perform better on the exam if you refer to the book’s detailed explanations and examples of each concept.

Exam Strategy: SSC CHSL study guides offer advice on how to approach the test. You can maximise your exam score by using the knowledge in the books on time management, how to approach each segment, and how to answer the questions.

FAQs regarding SSC CHSL Books 2023

How is the SSC CHSL exam conducted?

To choose candidates for posts in various government organisations, such as data entry operator, lower division clerk, postal assistant/sorting assistant, and court clerk, the Staff Selection Commission (SSC) administers the SSC CHSL (Combined Higher Secondary Level) exam.

How many tiers are there in the SSC CHSL exam?

The SSC CHSL test has three levels: Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3.

Are the books for SSC CHSL Tier 1 and Tier 2 different from one another?

Yes, there is a difference between the SSC CHSL Tier 1 and Tier 2 volumes. Because the syllabuses and exam formats for the two levels vary, the publications reflect this reality.

Should I prepare for the SSC CHSL exam solely by consulting books?

Although books are a valuable study tool for the SSC CHSL exam, you should also consult online resources, coaching notes, and previous year’s test questions to effectively prepare for the test.

Are the recommended books adequate for studying for the SSC CHSL exam?

The books recommended for SSC CHSL exam preparation are thorough and cover every subject examined. To boost your performance, you could also practise mock exams and old test questions.

Can I pass the SSC CHSL test without taking a course?

By adhering to an organised study schedule and using the appropriate study materials, such as books, online resources, and previous year’s test questions, you can pass the SSC CHSL exam without any tutoring.

Is purchasing every book on the list necessary to prepare for the SSC CHSL exam?

No, you do not need to purchase every book on the list in order to prepare for the SSC CHSL exam. Based on your preparation strategy, strengths, and shortcomings, you can choose the books.

For SSC CHSL and other SSC exams, can I use the same books?

Yes, some of the books recommended for the SSC CHSL exam can be used for other SSC exams as well. However, before using the books, make sure you are familiar with the exam’s syllabus and format.

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