Best RBI Grade B Books to Crack Exam in First Attempt

Best RBI Grade B Books to Crack Exam in First Attempt
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Books are essential for exam preparation. Students must be familiar to the titles of important RBI Grade B books before starting their training.

Candidates can precisely and confidently solve issues once they have covered the fundamental ideas from textbooks. To help you get a good grade, You must pick the best books regarding RBI Grade B test preparation that experts suggest.

Candidates can step up their preparation to a new level with the help of the selection of excellent RBI Grade B books. In order to get a job within the banking sector, individuals must pass the highly competitive RBI Grade B exam.

Students can use this list of RBI Grade B books provided by our subject experts to obtain an advantage in their test preparation.

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RBI Grade B Exam Details

Exam NameRBI Grade B Officer Exam
Registration Starts Online09th May to 09th June 2023
Selection Process-Prelims
Job LocationAll Over India

RBI Grade B Best Books 2023

See the recommended reading material for Phases 1 and 2 of the Reserve Bank of India Grade B test. The RBI Grade B is one of the most important banking exams available in the country.

The exam provides an opportunity to work for India’s central bank, which regulates all monetary policy along with controls the supply and issue of the rupee.

A lot of individuals within the neighbourhood were looking for assistance creating a strategy for the RBI Grade B exam. Read through the important RBI Grade B books for the Phase 2 and Phase 1 exams to begin your test preparation right away!

RBI Grade B Best Books Section Wise

According to a detailed examination of the RBI Grade B question paper from the previous year, the majority of the inquiries within the Economics & Social Issues portion originated from the sources listed below:

  • Basic knowledge (NCERT)
  • Press Information Bureau
  • Economic Survey of India
  • Concept-based (Books)

Facts, statistics, numbers, and percentages were the subjects of most questions. Consequently, we concluded that the three main sources were the most crucial ones for this exam’s preparation according to the RBI Grade B question paper from the previous year:

  • Union Budget
  • Hindu Newspaper
  • Economic Survey of India

In addition to the materials indicated above, candidates need to thoroughly comprehend the themes because the RBI Grade B Exam is unpredictable. Let’s talk about the best RBI Grade B exam preparation books.

Books For Phase 1 RBI Grade BBest Books

It takes a lot of practice to become fast and accurate from the correct set of books to pass the exam. The RBI Grade B books below may be used for Phase 1 preparation.

Book NameRBI Grade B Books
English LanguageEnglish with Objectives by S. P. Bakshi Wren & Martin’s High School English Grammar & Composition
Quantitative AptitudeM. Tyra’s Magical Book on Quicker Math Sarvesh K. Verma’s “Quantum CAT” Rajesh Verma’s Fast Track Objective Arithmetic
Reasoning AbilityR. S. Aggarwal’s new approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning M. K. Pandey’s Analytical Reasoning
General Awareness2018 Manorama Yearbook Magazine Kurukshetra

Books For Phase 2 RBI Grade B

Browse the most significant and popular RBI Grade B books available to start your preparation.

  • By M.Y. Khan Indian Financial System
  • By T.S Grewal Accounting Ratio
  • By P.C Tripathi Principles of Management
  • By Bharti V. Pathak Indian Financial System

RBI Grade B Phase 1 Exam Important Features

The first step is time management. Applicants must respond to 200 questions on four topics—quantitative aptitude, logic, English, along with general awareness—in 120 minutes.

Since general awareness makes up 40% of the exam and can be completed quickly, aim to score higher on this section. Economic, banking, financial, and social issues are the key areas of general awareness questions, and each of these subjects is included in the main test. For this area, candidates might consult the top RBI Grade B books.

RBI Grade B Phase 2 Exam Important Features

To pass the RBI Grade B exam, candidates must put in much effort. In addition, one needs to put in a lot of effort and practice often. Although the syllabus is short, it is quite diversified. Applicants must become familiar with the basics of many subjects.

Writing abilities are essential for an English paper worth 100 marks, in which it’s made essential to read a piece of editorial writing.

Basic knowledge of the topics covered in the syllabus is necessary for the exam.

While learning, the subjects could seem straightforward; however, when choices are available, one might become perplexed.

How to Pass the 2023 RBI Grade B Exam?

Numerous factual or statistical questions, such as the amount given to a specific plan, that varies according to the UPSC, are included in the RBI Grade B Phase 1 paper. In addition to GS, Economics may be useful for UPSC hopefuls.

Suppose you believe that this exam can only be passed by those with a good background in finance: Not at all true. For this exam, individuals with backgrounds in journalism have been chosen. See the RBI Grade B Eligibility Criteria for further details.

If you believe that IIT and IIM graduates are chosen, you are misinformed. No one is given priority in any way. That is untrue. Your performance in phases 1, 2, and the interview determines everything.

RBI Grade B Best Books Benefits

The RBI Grade B test gives candidates the opportunity to work for India’s central banking institution, which regulates the issue and supply of the Indian rupee and governs all aspects of monetary policy. The following advantages are included in the top RBI Grade B books:

  • The books depend on the RBI Grade B syllabus.
  • All of the book’s subjects were fully described.
  • Answering the questions from the RBI Grade B books is standard practice.
  • It is more efficient to select the top RBI Grade B books and study for the test.


What subjects are looked at in the RBI Grade B Phase 1 exam?

The RBI Grade B test includes three parts, the first of that’s qualifying in character. The RBI Grade B Phase 1 exam covered English language, reasoning ability, numerical aptitude, along with general awareness.

In what subjects is the RBI Grade B Phase 2 test covered?

Only those candidates who passed phase 1 qualified for step 2. English (writing skills), finance & management, and economic and social themes were the topics included in the RBI Grade B Phase 2 examination.

Does the RBI suggest any books for the Grade B exam?

For its tests, RBI does not recommend any particular book. The RBI Grade B books are necessary for a candidate’s preparation. It is advised to read the most crucial books for the RBI Grade B exam.

Are RBI Grade B Hard?

The RBI Grade B test is significant for the banking industry. Due to the varied syllabus and small openings, this is one of the hardest exams. Applicants must plan their study sessions and consult the top RBI Grade B textbooks.

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