AIIMS Patna Non-Teaching Books 2023 (Study Material) | AIIMS Patna Group A, B, C Book

AIIMS Patna Non-Teaching Books 2023 (Study Material) AIIMS Patna Group A, B, C Book
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AIIMS Patna Non-Teaching Books 2023: The most crucial choice will be the books to prepare for the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Patna Exam. Nevertheless, applicants can find the best and most pertinent Literature for the role of Non-Teaching (Group A, B, & C) by perusing the areas underneath.

Each subject in the AIIMS Patna Non-Teaching Exam should have its complete book study. Applicants should look at the AIIMS Patna Non-Teaching Books, which contain the exam questions from the previous year. Throughout the learning process, it will be of great help.

The AIIMS Patna Non-Teaching cut-off scores should be avoided, and learners should only choose books that experts and previous year qualifiers have suggested.

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RecruiterAIIMS Patna
DesignationNon – Teaching (A, B, C)
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Exam NameCBT

Best Non-Teaching Books at AIIMS Patna

Candidates who are preparing for the AIIMS Patna non-teaching exam would find it extremely difficult to pass. To help you pass the AIIMS Patna non-teaching written exam quickly and efficiently, we have compiled a comprehensive list of tips along with the best AIIMS Patna Non-Teaching study materials. Get more information on state government job openings.

General Knowledge & Current Affairs

Book NamesAuthor
General KnowledgeManohar Pandey
Manorama Year BookMammen Mathew
General KnowledgeLucent

●     General Knowledge by Manohar Pandey

Manohar Pandey’s comprehensive book “General Knowledge” strives to give readers a wide variety of facts and data from numerous subjects. The book’s succinctness along with well-organized content includes a variety of subjects, including history, geography, science, current events, sports, and also more.

Students studying for competitive exams can benefit from it, as can anyone looking to expand their general understanding. The information is presented in Manohar Pandey’s book in a way that is simple to comprehend, making it available to readers from all backgrounds.

●     Manorama Year Book by Mammen Mathew

Mammen Mathew is the creator of the comprehensive reference work known as The Manorama Year Book. It acts as a dependable resource for information on current events, general knowledge, and references.

The book appeals to a wide spectrum of readers thanks to its extensive treatment of numerous topics, including politics, sports, science, technology, history, and culture. It offers insights into critical themes and updates on noteworthy events and developments from around the world.

●     General Knowledge Lucent

The comprehensive book Lucent General Knowledge, which offers useful knowledge and insights on a variety of topics, covers a wide range of topics. It covers a wide range of subjects, such as politics, economics, history, geography, science, along with current events.

The book is made to meet the requirements of students, people looking to improve their general knowledge, and people preparing for competitive exams. It provides pertinent information and figures coupled with brief, understandable explanations. Given its reputation for comprehensive covering, Lucent General Knowledge is a well-liked option for exam preparation.

English Language

Word Power Made EasyNorman Lewis
Objective General EnglishSP Bakshi
High School English Grammar and CompositionWren & Martin

●     Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis

A very well-regarded book that tries to improve one’s vocabulary and language abilities is Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis. The book offers a variety of activities and ways to increase word power because of its all-encompassing approach.

It fosters a greater grasp of language by delving into etymology, word origins, and meanings. The book also highlights the significance of context in vocabulary development and provides real-world examples to help readers retain what they have learned.

●     Objective General English by SP Bakshi

The goal of SP Bakshi’s comprehensive book “Objective General English” is to improve readers’ proficiency with the English language. The book covers an extensive variety of topics, including grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, and sentence construction, and does it with a user-friendly approach and structured content.

To aid readers in understanding and successfully implementing the principles, it offers thorough explanations, examples, and practice tasks. For exam preparation, the book also offers solved test questions. Students preparing for competitive exams, job candidates, and anyone trying to improve their English language competence will find it to be a useful tool.

●     High School English Grammar and Composition by Wren & Martin

The well-known textbook “High School English Grammar and Composition” by Wren & Martin has been a thorough guide for pupils in acquiring the English language. The book provides a strong basis for efficient communication by covering a variety of grammar, vocabulary, and composition topics.

Students can better learn the nuances of English grammar, including tenses, sentence structure, parts of speech, and punctuation, thanks to the book’s well-organized chapters and clear descriptions. The emphasis on writing skills development in the composition class encourages students to communicate their ideas clearly and creatively.

Hindi Language

Samanya HindiRukamini Prakashan
Samanya HindiArihant
Samanya HindiRS Aggarwal

●     Samanya Hindi by Rukamini Prakashan

The thorough book “Samanya Hindi” by Rukamini Prakashan is a great tool for learning Hindi language and literature. This book covers a wide range of themes, including grammar, vocabulary, and literature, thanks to its extensive collection of information.

Each paragraph contains 100 words, which makes it simple for beginners to understand Hindi’s foundational ideas.

The book starts out by emphasizing fundamental Hindi grammar, giving readers a strong foundation. It includes important subjects such sentence structure, adverbs, adjectives, pronouns, verbs, and nouns.

●     Samanya Hindi by Arihant

The comprehensive book “Samanya Hindi” by Arihant acts as a manual for Hindi language students. It covers a wide range of Hindi grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension topics because to its extensive content.

The book is made to meet the requirements of students, people preparing for competitive exams, and people looking to improve their Hindi language abilities. It contains in-depth justifications, illustrations, and tasks to encourage learning.

By emphasizing subjects like tenses, sentence structure, idioms, proverbs, and essay writing, “Samanya Hindi” seeks to build a solid basis within Hindi language skills.

●     Samanya Hindi by RS Aggarwal

The well-known book “Samanya Hindi” by RS Aggarwal provides thorough instruction in Hindi language and literature. This book aims to improve readers’ comprehension and familiarity with Hindi grammar, vocabulary, and composition.

It helps pupils build a solid foundation in Hindi language skills with its methodical approach along with thorough explanations.

Grammar principles, sentence construction, comprehension, and composition strategies are only a few of the topics covered in “Samanya Hindi”‘s comprehensive coverage. In order to strengthen the ideas and increase competency, the book also offers exercises and practice questions.


A lot of candidates are drawn to the prominent medical centre AIIMS Patna in search of non-teaching employment in Group A, B, and C.

It is essential to have the appropriate study materials in order to get ready for the AIIMS Patna Non-Teaching exams in 2023.

Applicants should concentrate on reading books that provide in-depth knowledge of subjects like English, General Knowledge, Reasoning, and Quantitative Aptitude as well as thorough coverage of the pertinent syllabus.

Also suggested include books on certain topics including computer knowledge, current affairs, and professional knowledge.


What is the AIIMS Patna salary?

According to the official AIIMS Patna Recruitment 2023 announcement, the chosen applicants will be paid a monthly remuneration that ranges from Rs. 18000 to Rs. 208700.

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